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Source: Johnny Louis/ / WENNAndrew Gillum, the former candidate for Florida governor, was climbing the political mountain when a night in Miami hotel went bad. After losing a campaign race, in March Andrew Gillum was appeared to be in the words of the Whispers ‘lost and turned out’ when he got caught up with a male for hire in hotel room with drugs found in it, while he was two sheets to the wind. Police were called to the Miami Beach hotel room after there was a report of an overdose.

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Andrew Gillum ended up going to rehab for alcohol and depression.

Today on Andrew Gillum sat down with Tamron Hall, doing one of the recovery steps we guess and let it all hang out about what happened during the hotel scandal plus he said to dispel the rumor that he was gay, according to Gillum he is bisexual and his wife knew all about it.

This is definitely one for the Reality Hour Books.

Take a look at the interview below.

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