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    95.5 The Lou

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    The Tom Joyner Morning Show

    Tom Joyner, founder of Reach Media Inc., the Tom Joyner Foundation,, and host of the nationally syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show” with Sybil Wilkes, is one of the most influential, inspirational, and dynamic personalities in the country.

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    Isis M. Jones

    Passion Never Fails…

    Either you love what you do or don’t do it!

    Working as an on-air radio personality, Isis Jones is a bit more than a personality…

    Isis grew up as a military brat  all over the U.S. and learned at an early age to go with the flow. A real down to earth person, she works hard to stay grounded in her love to help people and using her platform for positive change. “I love connecting with people, and I do that through music, radio, teaching, community work and entrepreneurial endeavors!”
    Missouri is where Isis met her future… She hit the airwaves for the first time at Lincoln University in Jefferson City while she was still a high school student. Excited about the opportunity, she knew radio was where she wanted to be!

    She went on to work as an on-air personality at a number of radio markets (7 to be exact) and also behind the scenes in television! With that additional work, she explored her interests in cinema, and earned a film and video degree from Full Sail Real World Education in Florida.

    With all that history behind her and experience inside of her… Isis is back now on Mid-days here in St Louis, after 11 years as #1 in Birmingham, Alabama radio! You can catch her Monday thru Friday, 9a-2p & on Saturday’s, 12-3p!

    “I didn’t come home just for myself… I came back for My City! Hopefully we can work together to love on the STL just a lil bit more ❤️”

  • 2:00pm - 7:00pm

    DJ Kut

    How many years of experience do you have in radio?
    I’ve been in radio since 1990.

    What are three of your hobbies?
    Training in Muay Thai/Martial Arts, watching documentaries and listening to audio books, and learning how to swim (yes learning to swim LOL).

    Where is your hometown?
    St. Louis, MO.

    What makes your personality unique?
    I low key think I’m a comedian because I’ve toured with Cedric The Entertainer and worked with Lavell Crawford, Guy & Joe Torry, and many more.

    If you attended college, where did you attend?
    I attended St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley. Unfortunately I didn’t get my degree (my DJ career started taking off and I didn’t go back).

  • 7:00pm - 12:00am

    Love And R&B With Al B. Sure!

    An acclaimed singer and performer, Al B. Sure! brings the same passion and delivery to radio, extending a relationship that started almost 20 years ago. Love and R&B with Al B. Sure! delivers his feeling for the music, the moment and a personal connection every Sunday through Friday 7PM to Midnight. Al B!’s vision for the new format is to take the listener on a journey, supplying romantic current and classic hit soulful music, including weekly visits from celebrity guests and intriguing personalities from every genre of the entertainment industry.

    Al B. Sure! The Performer

    Al. B. Sure!’s history in the entertainment industry spans three decades. From Mt. Vernon, NY Albert Brown found his love for singing in the church choir. Assisting his pastor in building a recording booth, he captured a four-track recording of Sunday’s sermon and choir, later delivering the track to the local station. From there Al B! launched his career with the 1988 debut Warner Bros album “In Effect Mode” which has been RIAA certified triple platinum and climbed to the #1 position on Billboard’s R&B chart for an astounding seven straight weeks. Since then, his career has thrived, receiving recognition with 4 Grammys, numerous awards including an American Music Award for Best New R&B Artist, and more than 75 ASCAP Awards for writing and composition performance.

    Al B. Sure! The Radio Talent

    His radio career happened naturally starting in the early 2000s during a visit to the Bay Area for a charity event. Al B! did an interview with radio legend Renel on 98.1 KISS FM. Hearing the interview, the Program Director asked if Al B. Sure! would consider doing a weekend radio show featuring the soundtrack of our generation. Next came syndication with ABC Radio Networks with the launch of his ‘Secret Garden Radio’ format of intense romantic classic hit music, adding celebrity interviews focused on relationship-driven topics syndicated to over 60 stations on The Touch R&B format as well as The Armed Forces Network.