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    Tom Joyner founder of Reach Media Inc., the Tom Joyner Foundation, Black America, and host of the nationally syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show”, is one of the most influential, inspirational, and dynamic personalities in the country.

    This 1999 Hall of Fame inductee from Tuskegee, Alabama has ignited a sense of pride in the hearts of eight million listeners in more than 115 radio markets, instilling in us the significance of unity and giving back to one’s community.

    Tom Joyner began his broadcasting career in Montgomery, Alabama at WRMA-AM immediately after graduation.  With a Bachelor of Science in Sociology in hand, he ventured into several other markets, includng WLOK-AM in Memphis, KWK-AM in St. Louis, KKDA-FM in Dallas, and four different stations in Chicago.

    In the mid-1980’s Joyner made his claim to fame when he accepted simultaneous positions as “Morning Drive Man” at Dallas’ KKDA and “Afternoon Drive Man” at Chicago’s WGCI.  Flying everyday between the two cities to work eventually earned him national recognition, with the name “FlyJock”, seven million frequent flyer miles, syndication and undoubtedly the largest audience of any urban radio program.

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