Remember The Cast From The Hit TV Show Martin? (PHOTOS)  was originally published on

1. Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence Source:Martin Lawrence

As Martin Payne

2. Tisha Campbell

Tisha Campbell Source:Getty

As Gina Payne

3. Carl Anthony Payne II

Carl Anthony Payne II Source:WENN

As Cole Brown

4. Tichina Arnold

Tichina Arnold Source:Getty

As Pamela James

5. Thomas Mikal Ford

Thomas Mikal Ford Source:WENN

As Tommy Strawn (Rest in Peace)

6. Garrett Morris

Garrett Morris Source:WENN

As Stan Winters

7. Jon Gries

Jon Gries Source:WENN

As Shawn McDermott

8. David Alan Grier

David Alan Grier Source:Getty

As Rev. Leon Lonnie Love

9. Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan Source:WENN

As Hustle Man

10. Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister Jr.

Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Jr. Source:WENN

As Apollo

11. Bentley Kyle Evans

Bentley Kyle Evans Source:WENN

As the man who called Martin “Almondy” at the DMV

12. LaWanda Page

LaWanda Page Source:Getty

As Mrs. Evelyn Porter

13. Chris Rock

Chris Rock Source:Getty

As Valentino

14. Laura Hayes

Laura Hayes Source:WENN

As Maddie Brown (Cole’s Mom)

15. Michael Colyar

Michael Colyar Source:WENN

As Mr. Whitaker (Pam and Gina’s boss)

16. Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman Source:WENN

As Mad Dog No Good

17. Kellita Smith

Kellita Smith Source:WENN

As Tracy (Martin’s ex)

18. Sherman Helmsley

Sherman Helmsley Source:Getty

As Mr. Washington (the guy giving Martin hell at the DMV –told him to start from scratch)

19. James Lesure

James Lesure Source:WENN

As Kalvin Kani (the urban fashion designer in the “Working Girls” episode)

20. Mark Curry

Mark Curry Source:WENN

As Ronnie Cochran (Sheneneh’s lawyer on the “Power to the People’s Court” episode)

21. Luis Antonio Ramos

Luis Antonio Ramos Source:WENN

As Luis

22. John Amos

John Amos Source:Getty

As Sgt. Strawn (Tommy’s dad)

23. Yolanda Whitaker (aka Yo-Yo)

Yolanda Whitaker (aka Yo-Yo) Source:WENN

As Keylolo (Sheneneh’s friend)

24. Lynn Whitfield

Lynn Whitfield Source:Getty

As Ellen (She tried to seduce Martin on the “Goin Overboard” episodes)

25. Armelia McQueen

Armelia McQueen Source:WENN

As Mama Jama (she was the leader of the religious cult on the “In Search Of…Martin” episode)

26. Ellia English

Ellia English Source:WENN

As Mrs. Booker

27. Tony Cox

Tony Cox Source:WENN

As Bennie