#MCM: 23 Big & Tall Zaddies Worthy Of All Of Our Attention!

Source: Ronald McCray, RJM Photography / Ronald McCray, RJM Photography

If you ladies are anything like me, you are delighted to be in the presence of a man who is easy on the eyes and capable of engaging in conversation that is entertaining and enlightening. Whether you are married or single, straight, gay and anything else in between, there is no harm in acknowledging that our male counterparts are the personification of dope vibes too.

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So, since it is Monday and we all know Monday can do the most, I am going to give you a little uplift with this week’s Man Crush Monday (MCM): Big & Tall edition.

For those of you who are familiar with plus size fashion, you know that there is a curvy revolution going on and it is being televised (well somewhat). However, while the plus size women are experiencing a little more inclusion and visibility, big & Tall men have been placed in a corner. The inclusion of Big & Tall men in spaces like NYFW has always been slim (pun intended) to none and this year was no different, with only one of this year’s male models being Big & Tall. 

While men’s fashion has never received the same recognition of women’s fashion, plus size and big & tall individuals have experienced the same prejudice. Despite great demand, this prejudice has excluded big & tall individuals from spaces that lack diversity. Thankfully, there are men willing to do the work required to create a new standard in men’s fashion.

Here at Hello Beautiful, we don’t believe Baby or Zaddy deserve to be in a corner.

So take a look at all this thick deliciousness:

(Also, be sure you follow and support them as they work to take up space and add some flavor to men’s fashion.)


3. Kane, Digital Influencer & Body Guard

12. Fat Mike, Digital Influencer

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Big Papa, the love doctor..

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16. Kristoff Gilzene, Big & Tall Model

18. Tre Hale, Actor & Model

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19. Soouizz, Stylist