Bye Felisha: What You Never Knew About The Making Of ‘Friday’  was originally published on

1. Chris Tucker wasn’t actually high while filming the movie.

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He told The AV Club in 2007, “You can’t make a movie high” adding “I’m so glad I don’t smoke—I’d be high all the time.”

2. Deebo’s role was based on a real-life crip who went by the name ‘Big U.’

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Big U served 13 years in jail and then went on to become an event promoter and CEO of his own youth community program.

3. Craig starts ‘Friday’ out in the same outfit that Doughboy wore at the end of ‘Boyz N The Hood.’

Peep the black shirt, khaki shorts, and house slippers. ‘Friday’ serves as an alternate ending to ‘Boyz N The Hood.’