The “Angel Crew” is a group of listeners wanting to be informed of the happenings and whereabouts of Evangelist Mary Tillman, “Your” Radio Angel. It is your direct contact with the Woman of God who inspires, encourages and uplifts your spirit each Sunday morning on WFUN – MY FOXY 95.5 FM in St. Louis, MO metropolitan area and streaming live all over the world at…

Want to be a member of the Angel Crew? It’s easy. To join, follow these steps:
From your Cell Phone:
Text the word “A-N-G-E-L” to 80185 – Text your name – Press “SEND”

Want to be on the prayer list?
Text me from your cell phone…
Text the word, “P-R-A-Y” – Hit space bar – Text name of person -Press “SEND”

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