As we get older experts say that we start to reevaluate what is important in a mate. The hot boys and hoodlums will become obsolete because they will be unable to maintain the ‘bling, bling’ lifestyle, so what becomes sexy as we age is security. The men that can provide for us and our future children, some may call it being a gold digger. But gold diggers only look for wealthy men to take care of them; we are saying look for a partner that you can build wealth with as a team–there is a difference! So what if he does not know how to put together a decent outfit, do it for him.

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Bobby Brown: “Whitney Is A Lesbian”

Just turn the great, funny guy that you share core values with into the Adonis of your dreams.  You will see that having a  partner that can help make sure that all of the bills are paid is way more beneficial then swagger. You will feel that having a partner that does not let you suffer is more attractive then a lustful thrill. You will know that having a partner that puts you first is more important then having a beautiful vain, ego maniac.

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