(Video) Kanye West on Suicide Watch? Fans of ‘Monster’ Video, Music Business Should Be Put on Notice

Sunday, 02 January 2011 14:46

By: Munson Steed

Rapper Kanye West might need to be placed on suicide watch. Most geniuses have the ability to destroy themselves without giving notice. When one watches the entertainer’s video for the “Monster” single, featuring vampires, an immediate revelation is the vulnerability of the vampire characters to the shedding of light, truth.

West’s fans all over the world typically elevate him above and beyond ascertainable heights as a hip-hop superstar. The emotional and psychological degeneration of African American men in the hip-hop generation manifest itself in self-destructive behavior. On stage, most notably, Mr. West shocks the MTV crowd by displaying inappropriate behavior. It appears contrived, like the relationships are pandered. His dark, raging lyrics are misguided.

The hip-hop genius’ persona is in the coffin, where the light of truth is hidden, as are drugs, sexual preference and emotional instability. These common traps, career bloodsuckers and nightmarish behaviors foster legions of copycats.

Monsters exist to play on the fears of those who attempt to rent space in the minds of common humans. Jay-Z’s rhyme illuminates how masterfully he’s controlled his psychosis, but the lyrics convey a desire to massacre individuals. The bloodsucking, torturing stick images, consumed by easily-impressionable and at-risk young hip-hop minds, spur them to forge urban massacres through copycat and idolization.

Given most of the massacres in Africa have been inflicted by black hands, the “Monster” video suggests feeding on the masses. The masses appear to want to feed on Mr. West, but what is stopping them? Not a door.

Rick Ross masterfully sounded off on his album that we should die young; suggesting to Mr. West, a fortuneteller with hip-hop credentials, that materialism and overconsumption are the vestiges of urban accomplishments.

The entire music establishment seems committed to raising Mr. West’s profile. Fame has created monsters of self-destruction. Considering the tethered relationship between Mr. West and reality, his continued success could create a Shakespearean tragedy. We loved Romeo and Juliet, but they both died. Denial of the truth impairs reality and judgment.

For all those who love Mr. West and see him traveling alongside them, musically in his own lane, we need only to remember that Michael Jackson left us with only a few individual albums to listen to while he too protected himself from the likes by creating façades, and hiding his demons from us. Hopefully those around Mr. West will protect our interests and those fans that are overzealous to hear great music won’t accept self-destructive negative image projection as sexy or current. The music business and entertainment industry is full of bloodsuckers that benefit from the demise of geniuses.

The women in Mr. West’s world of late don’t appear to be caretakers that loved him without any benefits. A pink-haired Nicki Minaj’s valuable appearance in the “Monster” video fosters female-on-female domination, an unnatural female dynamic being played out by many young hip-hop females — is this sexual confusion and shading the truth from the light? Ms. Rose, Amber, existed for the last year or so for what purpose?

Fabricated sex lives and relationships are like sex machines; you really make love to yourself. These women do not illustrate an appreciation for loving relationships.

Music is one of the most intoxicating drugs produced by humans and it devours the souls of geniuses who purge, falling brutally and sacrificing their lives.


Munson Steed

(Warning: Explicit Language)

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