I really enjoyed watching the Grammy Awards.  There were so many funny things to see and hear from the red carpet arrivals to the staged performances.

Grammy-Awards-2010-Nominations-RecapI’ve compiled a list of 20 questions for all of us who enjoy the awards season.  I look forward to your responses.

1.    Do you think Lil’ Wayne heard the “Pants On The Ground” song? Maybe I’m just old but I don’t understand the point of wearing a belt and your pants are under your butt!

2.    Would you be mad if Pink got whatever was dripping off of her on your new Grammy outfit and hair?  On the real, Pink’s performance was probably the hottest.

3.    Does anyone know what Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris was talking about?  I’m all for the kids coming out to support their dad and all, but can we prep these babies first?

4.    Slash I recognized.  Dougie Fresh is still fly.  But who was the Precious look alike on the stage with Jamiee and ‘nem?

5.    Did anyone on the West Coast know or care that the Stellar Awards was on last night?

6.    Do Jay-Z and Beyonce need to work on their PDA?  I haven’t seen a hug that awkward since Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley kissed.

7.    Speaking of Michael Jackson, where was Jermaine, his patent leather hair, and his son Jermajesty?  A tribute ain’t really a tribute without Jermaine and his shoe polish hair.

8.    Would anyone really give two hoots about Taylor Swift if not for Kanye West?  Taylor Swift is a big ole glass of wack juice!

9.    Speaking of Taylor Swift, Album of the Year?  Really?  Where is Kanye West when you really need him?!  When does the Taylor Swift Charity Event end?

10.    Does anyone else think Lady GaGa is overrated?  Her red carpet outfit looked like something to phone E.T.about.

11.    Now that there is a Lady GaGa does that mean it’s a wrap on Amy Winehouse?

12.    Where is Chris Brown when you need him to do a hot Michael Jackson tribute?  Can that brother come off punishment now?

13.    Did anyone else try to use your 3-D glasses from the Avatar movie to watch the Michael Jackson tribute?  I was hot as fish grease when they didn’t work!

14.    Ur ra ta…What was up with that McDonald’s commercial with the girl rapping in a white van?  Who the…What the…Why???? Were they all going to work together?  Was that a short bus?  What’s going on McDonald’s?

15.     Was anyone else confused watching Roberta Flack sing with Maxwell?  She looked so confused and lost.  What was the point of that collabo?

16.    Do you think Wyclef was really saying in Creole for all of you haters to kiss where the sun don’t shine?

17.    Will.I.Am. I get.  Fergie I get.  Uh…what’s the purpose for the other two dudes in the Black Eyed Peas?

18.      How many awards were actually handed out?  Is it me or does it seem like there was like a handful of awards this year?

19.      Does Beyonce have another prop other than that fan?

20.      Where in the world was Whitney Houston?   Why wasn’t she on this big stage?  Does anyone else panic when she’s not at an event?

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