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spike lee

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Spike Lee has unveiled his latest project – the official video for Michael Jackson’s posthumous single, “This Is It.”

The clip, released over the Christmas holiday, mixes iconic images of the late pop singer with footage shot in Jackson’s hometown of Gary, Indiana, and fan tributes following his death June 25.

It starts off in Gary with a close-up of a poster directing fans toward Jackson’s childhood home, at the corner of 2300 Jackson Street and Jackson Family Blvd. Next, images of Jackson performing as a child are interspersed with soft-focus shots of play sets, baseball bats and city buildings.

A central image captured by the director is a plea for tolerance etched onto a stop sign in Gary. Someone wrote the message “This Is It” above the word “stop,” under which they’ve added “hatin’.”

There are also shots of fan tributes from around the world and the heaps of flowers and messages laid at the gates of the singer’s Neverland Ranch. Lee returns several times to moving images of a single red balloon floating in the air and empty swings swaying in the breeze.

The video closes with classic footage of Jackson doing the moonwalk and a dramatic pan to a black stool with Jackson’s trademark black fedora and silver glove under a spotlight in front of the Gary residence.

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