:60 Second Sermon September 13


Someone has been disappointed. You put your trust in another person and they pulled the rug right from under you and made you fall. In fact, it hurt so badly when you fell, that you’re not sure if the damage can ever be repaired. That hurt may have occurred yesterday, last week, or even 20 years ago and it still feels as painful today as the day it happened, but I want you to know there is healing. We are told to cast all of our cares in Him because God cares for you. So, today instead of continuing to carry that hurt around with you, put it in God’s hands. You can’t do anything with it anyway and it’s too much of a burden for you to continue carrying. Even now say the words “God I give it all to You.” Then let Him have it and embrace the peace that comes with letting go of the things that hurt you.

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