:60 Second Sermon August 22

Are you looking around you and wondering what’s going on these days? Is it difficult to find direction? I’ve got this word for you if that resembles your life or your thoughts and know that you are not alone. It is easy to lose sight and direction when you look at the situation, but there’s an answer for you. That answer is to seek God ‘s leadership in your life and every situation.

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When we allow God to guide us and give us direction…two things happen that change our lives for the better. One, the problem is no longer ours and that means no longer is the burden ours either. Two, it frees our mind and spirit to focus on things of peace and not the problems. Holding on to the troubles causes us to wander and be lost…and we all know that feeling isn’t a good one. Today, let it go and ask God for direction and watch what God will do when you give Him control.

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