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:60 Second Sermon July 26

Someone today is questioning if God loves you. You’re looking at the circumstances in your life and maybe some of the people…and you’ve even asked God several times “Why me?” You see the problem with all of that is focus. You’ve taken your eyes off your blessings and you just need to refocus. Did God wake you up this morning? Do you have a roof over your head, shoes on your feet? Food on your table? Do you have the use of your sight, hearing, and other senses? Have you been blessed with even one good friend or sibling? Have you been provided with even a bit of income? It’s so easy to doubt God when we look at all the wrong things and miss the blessing and confirmation of His love. Let me encourage you today to count your blessings the next time the enemy tries to tell you that God doesn’t love you. It’s because of God’s love that you are perfectly and wonderfully made and when we start counting our blessings…we realize just how much we are loved by God.

Good Friday Worship Service At New Horizon Church [PHOTOS]

Source: Brayden Bridgeman / Radio One Indy

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