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There’s a major election coming up on August 4th, 2020. It’s not the one where we vote for the President…that happens in November. This one though, is very important because it puts in place our local government. As important as the person is who occupies the seat of the President, are the people who live, serve, and represent us locally. Don’t wait for November to let your voice be heard. Vote on August 4th and do your part to get people in office who represent you locally. There are links below to help you register to vote, find your place to vote, and get signed up to vote if you can’t make it to the polls. You’ll also find information on who is running for office and a sample ballot to look over before you go to cast your vote. You’ve got the information…NO GET OUT AND VOTE. IT”S YOUR RIGHT!!!

Register to Vote:

Find Your Polling Place:

About Absentee Ballots:

Click to access Press-Release-re-Absentee-Ballot-Mail-Request-Deadline-7-20-20.pdf

Click to access August-4-2020-Sample-Ballot-combined.pdf

Click to access List-of-Candidates-Rev-5-19-20-2.pdf

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