:60 Second Sermon July 19

How do you react when someone wrongs you? Do you devise a plan for revenge? Do you set your mind to hurt them worse than they hurt you? Or do you place them and the situation in God’s hands? We are told to be in the world, but not of the world and that is cause to be different. You see, when we allow God to shine through even in the most challenging of situations…peoples live change for the better…starting with our own lives from the inside out. What a great feeling to walk away victorious because you maintained your composure and what a blessing to make someone look at you and know that they need what you have that gives you such grace. Make today the day you change lives because of doing what God would want you to do. The moment someone does you wrong is the exact moment you should remind yourself of God’s grace towards you. See all of us at some time or another, have lost sight of who God wants us to be and it’s usually at the precise moment that someone does us wrong. We should, can, and must exemplify God’s love, mercy, and grace. This week when the enemy tries you call on God’s grace and claim the victory.

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