There is a growing concern about the rise in behavioral health and self harm cases among children, brought on by isolation caused by the pandemic, doctors say. The pediatric hospitals have been seeing an increased number of children coming in for help with acute psychiatric needs, both in the emergency departments, as well as inpatient psychiatric wards. pediatricians understand that the children and teenagers have been under increased stress over the last few months during the ongoing pandemic. The stress can lead to increased feelings of self harm or other psychiatric illnesses. check in with your teen often and have discussions giving them a chance to talk to you and share their feelings which allowS you to look for signs of any mental health struggles. IF THEY ARE STRUGGLING… The first step is to go to your pediatrician. Secondly, The Youth Connection helpline provides emotional support referral information, and sources for kids and their families throughout the St. Louis metro area. Their 24/7 hotline is available at 314-819-8802 or by texting BE HEARD to 23165. Visit their website

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