:60 Second Sermon June 28

I know somebody right now is having a hard time forgiving yourself. In fact, you can barely look at yourself in the mirror and you’re even wondering if you deserve to live because of what it is that you can’t forgive. Let me share a few things to consider. One is that you were perfectly and wonderfully made. Two is that the price was paid for your sin so that you would be able to let it go and have forgiveness. Three is that the enemy comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy. This is not the time to hand over the victory. Instead…today let me encourage you to ask for forgiveness if you haven’t already done that. Then give it to God because God never intended for you to carry this burden…or any other burden by yourself. This week when negative thoughts come your way, whisper these words in prayer…I’m forgiven and that makes me a new creation. Even if you have to say them one hundred times a day…say them until it sinks in to your spirit that you are worthy, loved, and forgiven.

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