:60 Second Sermon May 10

If you’ve been waiting on a word about your situation, this might be it. The fight you’ve been fighting is not yours to fight. The enemy you are battling is not one that will be easily defeated. The problem is that you have forgotten you were never meant to go to battle by yourself or for yourself. You see, God not only goes with you, more times than not…God goes for you. Perhaps you’ve forgotten that the best preparation for the things that are thrown at you is to start on your knees in a conversation with God. That’s where you’ll find peace, strength, and direction when everything else fails. If you’re feeling the pains, frustrations, and wounds of losing, let me encourage you today to stop what doing and hit the reset button by going to God in prayer. After all, God is there waiting for you, to help you, to go to battle on your behalf when you allow Him to take the burden from your shoulders and fight the fight for you.

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