:60 Second Sermon Feb. 23

Today’s sermon is about being thankful because it is very hard to be sad, angry, or even annoyed when your spirit is thankful. Thankfulness changes us for the better from the inside out. Your life may be an absolute tornado right now with so much stress and oppression that what’s going on in your mind makes it difficult for you to find anything for which to be thankful, but let me give you a shortlist: If you woke up this morning? Be thankful. Do you have sight, hearing, or the use of your other senses? Be thankful. Do you have a roof over your head? A job? Clothes?

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Food to eat? Just one person who loves you? If the answer is yes to any of those questions…then you can be thankful because someone didn’t wake up this morning, someone can’t hear, is homeless, and hungry and alone. Let me encourage you to focus on something for which you can be thankful and remind you of the God who created you loves you and wants to give you good things big and small. This week when life tries to bring you down, think of something to be thankful for and see how it changes things.


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