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:60 Second Sermon Feb. 16

Someone right now is suffering from a broken heart. Maybe your relationship fell apart or you might have lost someone you loved dearly causing you sadness beyond measure. It could even be that a dream you’ve been holding onto has died. See the thing is that many of us live with this burden and the majority of us do it privately and suffer alone. I want to tell you today that God never intended for you to bear any burden alone and His promise is to bring you joy abundantly and God goes one step further…according to His word, He has formed a shield around your heart to protect it on every side. If you’ve been carrying the pain by yourself, let me encourage you today to give it to God for he cares for you and it’s too much for you to bear in any case. If you can let it go to Him, not only will your heart be lightened, so will your spirit and that makes all the difference in the world.




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