St.Louis’s own radio personality Tony J passed away today at the age of 49. My heart goes out to his children, friends and family. Being a new-bee in the game Tony J showed be the ins and outs about radio. Tony J, is known to many as the legendary  “Traffic Man”. He use to report the morning traffic in a funny but entertaining way. Lets be honest traffic is a boring topic, so he use to spice it up by saying… Trayayayayayfficck! or Tra-tra-tra-traffic!… and baby trust me he had your attention. Tony J also drove a lil car around town so you knew him when you say him. He was an awesome person very energetic and always cracking jokes making the whole room laugh. Tony J was also the creator of the Traffic Music Awards, let just says it’s the first-ever hip-hop award show to hit the city. He also directed a play. Tony J will be missed and truly remembered!


Tony J

Source: Ion Digital / Upload by:Reagan

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