:60 Second Sermon Jan. 12 

The year may just have started, but we’re already feeling overwhelmed. You might be facing a crisis, problem, or person that’s causing everything inside you to spin. There’s a simple solution and that is to pray. Prayer re-orients us. It causes us to rest and calms our spirit, which puts our mind in the place where God can send the answer we need because when we are quiet, we can hear His voice. God’s Word says the answer will be found in quietness not activity. That means, when we pray and calm our spirit, we’re at our strongest. We are renewed.  I know when we’re in the midst of the storm, the last thing we think of doing is being calm, but that’s our most powerful weapon. This week when things come at you…and you know they will…Keep calm and turn to God. In other words…pray and listen for God’s voice. It always points us in the right direction.

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Mount Moriah Church Prayer Vigil

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