Grand Re-Opening Of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club - Inside

Johnny Nunez


My people at Page Six are reporting that Jay-Z is suing an online shop in Sydney, Australia, called “The Little Homie”, after they were caught selling a book  called “A B to Jay-Z” which is quoting things and using a character that looks like Jay.

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The dude in the book looks like Jay a lot.

The store also dropped a couple of other things like “First 50 Words With 50 Cent” and “1 2 3 With the Notorious B.I.G.”

Hov has sent the company plenty of cease & desist letter to try to get them to stop using this Jay Z look a like guy in the books but they have reportedly gone unanswered.

Jessica Chiha, seems to have no worries about the law suit and she gave a statement

“We refer to a whole host of hip-hop artists in the books, but to have someone like Jay-Z file legal proceedings is daunting beyond belief and hugely dispiriting. We maintain we have done nothing wrong and intend to give it everything we’ve got for common sense and common good to prevail, to the extent we can fight the fight.”

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