:60 Second Sermon Oct. 27

Someone has fallen down…and maybe it didn’t happen recently. Maybe you fell some time ago and you just haven’t been able to get back up to keep going. You might be stuck down there, because the enemy convinced you that that’s where you belong. It could be a person, situation, or emotion in your life that’s taken all of your strength to get up and you just stay down because it’s easier than finding the energy it takes to move from being down there. Listen…there’s nothing wrong with falling down. None of us are perfect and we all fall, but the only difference between you and that person that looks like they have it all together is that they got up after the fell down. Be encouraged today and remember that God wants only the best for you and His plan for you includes forgiveness, people you don’t even realize are praying for you, and His perfect peace. Let me encourage you today to embrace that you are wonderfully and perfectly made by God and God has big plans for you to bless and prosper you, so get up and know that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Religious Couple Praying Together at Home

Source: SW Productions / Getty

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