:60 Second Sermon Oct. 13

Are you wondering how to deal with a difficult situation right now? It could be a person, work situation, family issue, or it might be a relationship. Difficult situations can make or break us when we aren’t equipped with what it takes to survive the difficulties. Here are of these four things that will get you through:

First, pray. Talk to God. Those few moments of meditation will calm your spirit and give you perspective.

Second, take a deep breath. You’d be surprised to see what God can do when you exhale.

Third, do something that causes you to plant seeds that God will grow to bless you. There’s something about doing for others that changes us for the better.

Fourth, keep going even when life knocks you down. Don’t stay down. Remember steps one, two, and three, and keep going this week when life comes at you hard.

Remember, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (particularity when you are at your weakest).

Parents with son (6-9) praying

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