:60 Second Sermon Sept. 29

Someone is feeling ugly and unloved right now. It could be because of things in your past, some pain you’re inflicting on yourself, or someone else who is contributing to you seeing what you see in your reflection, but I’m here to remind you that you have been perfectly and wonderfully made with God’s hands.  After all, it’s written in God’s word. We are new creations in Him. The problem is we look at and focus on the wrong thing. We have to look at ourselves through God’s eyes. He sees us as forgiven, washed clean, new, beautiful, perfect, made in God’s own image; special, loved…get the picture? Whatever it is that has you feeling unworthy, let go of it and allow yourself to focus on the way God looks at you…beautiful and loved.

Small girl just as Angel with hands praying

Source: aabejon / Getty

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