:60 Second Sermon Sept. 1

Someone today is broken. I don’t mean you’re angry over something you can’t get over. I mean the type of broken that continues to shatter you at your core. It may not even be something that was done to you. It just might be the guilt, shame, or disappointment at yourself for a mistake you made. Whatever the reason…God wants you to be whole. He wants to repair the damage and take the burden from you. God wants you to stop carrying it around and give it to Him, because when He takes it, He removes it far from us, washes it away, and forgets it ever happened. If God can do that…there’s absolutely no reason for you to carry it anymore. Today, let it go to God and let Him mend your brokenness so you can be just as God created you to be…WHOLE.

Beautiful young woman praying

Source: Juanmonino / Getty

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