:60 Second Sermon Aug. 25

Are you on a journey that’s taking almost everything out of you and you feel like you’re all alone? I’m not talking about a journey where you pick yourself up and physically move from point A to point B. I’m talking about that internal journey that is taking almost every ounce of strength to keep going and I’m here to tell you that God has not deserted and will not desert you. It’s written in the Word…Be not afraid for God goes with you. The enemy may tell you something different, but don’t listen to that. Whether your journey is dealing with a tragedy, broken relationships, stress, self-esteem, disappointment, finances, or something not named…I assure God is with you. This week, don’t worry. Instead, start the week and maybe each day by thanking God for going with you and for His blessing, protection, and provision through your journey and watch the situation change as you refocus on God’s promise for you.

Parents with son (6-9) praying, side view

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