Rusty Wesson (Yvette E. Wesson-Mingo), who says she is the legal daughter of Rudy Ray Moore, says Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock will make millions from the Netflix movie about her father while she has been cut out of the profits. Rusty Wesson says she has the receipts to prove she’s Rudy Ray Moore’s daughter. According to Rudy Ray Moore’s will, “real and/or personal property: All my earthly possessions, exclusive rights to all monies, movies, music, image, vocal reproduction and or simulations and all rights to any contracts both executed or pending. It is my express wish that Yvette E. Wesson-Mingo receive everything to the exclusion of all other family members or relatives.” Rusty has documents showing that in 2010 an Ohio judge gave her the right as executor of Rudy Ray Moore’s estate. Rusty has a lawyer and may file an injunction against Netflix to stop the film from its release next month.

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Source: The Blast

-Tony Scott (@tonyscottmedia)

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