The “22 Days Nutrition Meal Planner,” a plant-based diet with no alcohol, carbs or sugar, got Beyoncé from 218 pounds to flawless, in a record amount of time. Now, you can do it too. For $99. In a video released this week, Beyoncé shares what it took. The weight loss was to get ready for her now-legendary Coachella show. In the days leading up to the show, she had just given to twins, Sir and Rumi, and weighed 218 pounds. Beyonce’s longtime friend and trainer, exercise physiologist Marco Borges, came with the plan: 44 days of no meat, dairy, carbs, sugar or alcohol. The website says, “you can discover meals, plan your week, shop and cook all on the same platform. All of the meals that will be recommended to you fit under Marco’s expert nutrition guidelines (the same guidelines Beyoncé and Jay Z follow).” It’s either $14 for a monthly subscription or $99 for a whole year.

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Recipes include non-meat dishes like curry avocado wraps with sweet potatoes, chunky apple oatmeal with coconut “bacon,” Catalan fava bean soup and soba noodle and edamame salad. For a snack, you can have hummus. The portions are small with no animal protein.

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Source: Page Six

-Tony Scott (@tonyscottmedia)

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