:60 Second Sermon July 22

Are you wondering if God forgot about you? Are you looking at your situation and asking why God allowed this thing to happen and why it has gotten you feeling so down and a little lost? You are not alone in what you are going through or feeling today. In the midst of the challenges that you are experiencing…let me encourage you refocus. See when we spend our energy on the negative and the things that bring stress into our mind, thoughts, and body…it’s hard to see the light in the darkness and it’s easy to forget that God wants only the best for you… instead of giving your power to the things that drag you down…ask yourself three questions:

1) What can I learn from this struggle?

2) Can I become stronger because of this trial?

3) Who am I in God and His promises for me?

If you can focus on the positive instead of the negative…you’ll begin to see God working even in the most difficult of situations. Go forward this week and be victorious in God.

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