During a press conference by R. Kelly’s publicist, Darrell Johnson, he tried to make a statement but was interrupted by Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage, the parents of Joycelyn Savage. During the press conference, Darrell Johnson said, “Yesterday evening Mr. Kelly was walking his dogs outside of Trump towers. He was arrested, nothing new… the same charges a decade ago…” That’s when he was interrupted by Timothy who walked closer to Johnson and said, “I don’t wanna hear all that. Where is my daughter at? R. Kelly is in there right now in jail. I wanna know where my daughter’s at. Where is she at? Answer that question…Where is Joycelyn Savage? We don’t wanna come to hear your lies.” Dude was clearly thrown. Watch what happened.

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Joycelyn Savage’s parents are also said to be worried about a suicide pact between Joycelyn and Azriel Clary. The two women, R. Kelly’s alleged girlfriends,  haven’t been seen since R. Kelly was arrested last week and locked up. Joycelyn’s parent’s lawyer, Gerald Griggs, says they are concerned that both Joycelyn and Azriel may have a suicide pact, with plans to kill themselves if R. Kelly doesn’t return. Azriel’s parents are not buying the suicide pact. More here.

And it turns out, reportedly, that current and former employees of R. Kelly helped feds find 20 video tapes of R. Kelly and underage girls. Read that here.

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Source: The Jasmine Brand

-Tony Scott (@tonyscottmedia)

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