:60 Second Sermon June 30

Have you lost sight of where you were going? Has life gotten in the way of you accomplishing what God showed you is His plan for your life? If you can relate, then there is a message for you right here. Sometimes problems, confusion, depression, finances, and so many other trials come along and cloud our minds…blurring our vision and keeping us from focusing on the message that we are more than conquerors.

If you’ve lost focus, it’s okay.  Just don’t stay there. Let today and this message be the encouragement you need to focus on what’s important. It’s a whole lot easier to get there when you can refocus to the goal and not the distractions. I’m not saying that the distractions will magically vanish…I’m just reminding you that in Him you can and will reach the goal, because when we refocus and realize that God is always with us, we gain a fresh new perspective.

This week when the enemy sends problems your way…just remember to focus on the finish line. You’ve got this and God’s got your back.

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Source: TLC / LightWorkers Media

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