Aretha Franklin’s youngest son, Kecalf Franklin filed documents with a judge in Michigan. He wants his cousin, Sabrina Owens out. Sabrina was named the representative of the estate after Aretha passed. Kecalf filed the documents after one of three of Aretha’s wills surfaced in her home in Detroit. While the will has not been verified, it stated that Aretha said she wanted Kecalf, whose father was Aretha’s road manager, Ken Cunningham, to be the executor. Kecalf said Sabrina Owens hasn’t given Aretha’s children a breakdown of the property and assets Aretha had, like her jewelry, Grammy awards, gold records and master tracks and even upcoming business deals and an Aretha biopic. He said he also has a concern about the audits on Aretha’s IRS tax returns from 2012 to 2018 after an investigation over her music library. Sabrina Owens said the accusations are false and she’s been properly managing Aretha’s affairs. The attorneys with the estate already filed documents that said Kecalf doesn’t have the “ability, skill (and) knowledge” to be in control of the estate. They also say Kecalf would be in “direct conflict” with his family members because he wants to “micro-manage the estate.” Aretha left an $80 million estate and has a debt of $5.3 million. She had four sons, Clarence, 64, Edward, 62, Teddy, 55 and Kecalf, 49.

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