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Hey Family!

Hope you had a good weekend with a beautiful Fathers Day! I enjoyed my time with my Father but it got me thinking about the plight of the single parent! My father thru perseverance and God came out of a divorce, 20k in debt to raise me and acquire many pieces of real estate… In other words, he worked to make sure we were covered financially! I remember him telling me early about a Life Insurance policy he had bought just in case something happened to him… He wanted me to be taken care of… He had foresight!

I ask that you as a single parent have the same foresight for your children! Nothing is as sad as relatives and friends scrambling to bury a mother and then posting a GoFundMe account to cover the cost of taking care of the babies! Life Insurance really isn’t as expensive as you think! Some plans run as low as $14!

You know you’re supposed to have it, but you probably don’t because you think it is not affordable. Guilt and stress ensue. Ain’t nobody got time for that! **Click here** and find out how you can secure your family today!

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