:60 Second Sermon June 16

Does it seem like everyone around you is getting blessed while you’re wondering if God has forgotten His promises for you? Let me tell you that even if it takes years to happen…or looks like others have stolen what was rightfully yours…or you think you’ve wandered too far away… or you’re going through so much that you’ve just about given up…or there is nothing but chaos all around you…HOLD ON and know that God is always with you. In fact, the journey to the blessing He has for you is seldom ever a straight line or an easy path…but your blessing is always a sure thing at the end of the journey so just keep going. Have faith and draw near to Him, because it’s hard to hear His voice when we entertain the negative noise. This week when you start to lose hope, remember…He is always with you and you can never mess up so badly that He would break His promise to you. What God has for you is for you.

TLC Answered Prayers

Source: TLC / LightWorkers Media

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