Inside Her Story: Partake Foods


A lot of children in America suffer from food Allergies; so they have to be very careful with what they eat. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Founder of Partake Foods, Denise Woodard.

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Woodard’s daughter suffered from a variety of food allergies and was on a Paleolithic diet at just a year old. Her babysitter actually suggested that she create foods that taste good that are healthy for her daughter. Right now the brand sells cookies, which Sybils says are delicious.

For about 8 months they sold the cookies out of their car and then Whole Foods took a chance on them. People loved the cookies and they now have investors like Jay-Z’s Marcy Venture Capital Partners.

This company that has provided foods that are safe for children with allergies and yummy for everyone started becuse Woodard was, “a mom who wanted something better for her child. ”

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