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When we see that someone may be in trouble, we don’t always make the choice to step in and help, but this man you see in the video below did just that.

As Jay was exiting the gas station in north city St. Louis to put something in his car, he opened the door to a young teen who was running from a group of other male teens trying to harm him. As the young man ran into the store Jay let him in and blocked the other teens from entering the store.

Now this may seem like nothing to you, but if you look closer one of the teens had a gun in his hand in plain site. Jay could have thought more about his own life and his family, but he decided to help anyway.

Thanks Jay for stepping in and being a gate.



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RSTLN WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU TO JAY OVER AT THE BP CROWN FOOD MART ON N. KINGSHIGHWAY RSTLN will be interviewing the manager at the BP Crown Food Mart for his heroic actions this Friday. Jay used himself as a shield to protect a young man from a group of teens who were trying to attack him. The teens ages range from 14-17. In surveillance footage from the store, the young man is seen running and attempting to fight off several aggressors who were trying to attack him. One of the male aggressors in the video footage had a gun in plain sight. Jay just happened to be walking to the door when the teens were on the parking lot of the store. He opened the door of the store for the young man who was trying to get away and blocked him in. Jay told the teen with the gun “Don’t do it, Don’t do it.” Jay knew things could go one of two ways. Either the teens would walk away or they would try to attack him, yet he did not care. Jay is still trying to process the whole incident mentally because he’s still in total shock about the age range of the boys, and how he was able to save a life. Mr. Jay Johnson, the city needs more people like you who are willing to stand up for the next. What you did will always hold a place in many hearts.

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