Sixty Second Sermon

Sunday May 12, 2019

Today’s Sixty second sermon is for all of us wondering if God has forgotten about us or will ever make a way for you, and especially for those of us who have let the enemy convince us that we’ve gone too far to ever get the blessings that God promised were ours.  Just let me remind you that whatever it is that you’re going through…God’s love endures forever and before He punishes us by not keeping his promises to us, He will wait patiently for us to put ourselves in a position for Him to shower us with everything He has for us. Remember…What God has for you is for you. Perhaps it’s just that He is waiting for you to go where He needs you to go so that His promises for you can be fulfilled.

So this week instead of questioning if God is ever going to come through for you…know that He will and He will answer your prayers for He knows your needs and is always ready to provide. This week listen for Him to direct you, because what He has for you is for you when you let Him move you to where His blessings will flow abundantly.

Man raising arms toward the sky

Source: fStop Images / Getty

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