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Janelle Monae is done with people who are homophobic and/or racist. She aired them out on Twitter. Janelle said if it were up to her, racists and homophobes would be secluded from everyone else. She posted, “Why can’t homophobic and racist people live in their own ******* community? I am asking a serious question. Put y’all money together and start your own community. Build homes & just be with each other. Stop making people’s lives who live in the real world miserable. The kids some of you are raising and teaching or NOT TEACHING did this. They bullied him. Let that sink in. LIVID. #NigelShelby” Nigel Shelby, is the Alabama 9th grader that killed himself after being bullied for being gay. Janelle Monae also posted, “I wanna have a real discussion around bullies (kids and adults) who bully kids/people because of their sexuality. Bullying leads to KIDS & ADULTS in the LGBTQIA falling into depression & committing suicide in many instances. What should the repercussions be for bullying?”

Janelle Monae

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-Tony Scott (@tonyscottmedia)

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