Do you feel like the people around you don’t appreciate the time and energy you put into making their lives better? Well you’re not alone…Remember…Jesus went through that too starting on Palm Sunday. When His purpose was to make the way and change things for the better…He was beaten down, spit upon, judged, tried, pushed…you get the idea. Maybe you’re going through something that feels a lot like that, but I’m here to tell you…What happens after this will blow your mind. You may be going through the Palm Sunday of your life, but, Easter is coming!…and this is how it goes…Trials and struggles lead to a big fight and the Good Guy wins with a knock-out punch that changes everything! Stay the course and keep your eyes focused on Him. Everything is going to be alright. So, when things come at you this week and you feel like giving up, hold on because Easter’s coming and Easter changes everything!

Midsection Of Businessman Wearing Boxing Gloves Against White Background

Source: Rermrat Kaewpukdee / EyeEm / Getty


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