Today’s HOT JOB OF THE DAY is for all Bilingual peeps! I don’t do the SPANISH WORD OF THE DAY at 2:20pm for no reason ;)

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Right now an Agriculture/Chemical Business is looking for YOU to be their next Bilingual Accounts Payable Representative that pays a minimum of $26,000 and the salary is negotiable and the position does include benefits (score, baby!).

Why not use your natural talent and give SLATE Missouri a call today so you can get more information at 314-589-8000 – remember to tell SLATE Missouri that you’re calling for the HOT JOB OF THE DAY on HOT 104.1

As always, SLATE Missouri is connecting REAL PEOPLE to REAL JOBS!

Many thanks to the Executive Director, Dr. Alice Prince, from SLATE Missouri! And follow her on all social media at @AliceMPrince!

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