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Well I guess you can cause it looks like The Color Purple is making it’s return to the big screen.

According to Collider, Oprah Winfrey has signed on along with Steven Spielberg to produce a new version of the classic movie. This report comes more than thirty years after the duo originally worked together on The Color Purple film, which was based on Alice Walker’s prize-winning novel.

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Oprah told Collider why the the reboot and she said….

The Color Purple was a seminal moment in my life. I read the book when it came out,” I got the book and read it, in one day. And then, I went back, the next day, and bought every copy they had. I would hand the book out to everybody that I knew. I passed it around to everybody in the office. I became obsessed with the book. I moved to Chicago and I would literally walk around with a backpack filled with books because I didn’t have a book club, and I would just start a conversation with people and say, ‘Have you read The Color Purple?’ And if they hadn’t, I’d say, ‘Here, have a copy, right here.’ I was literally obsessed with it.”

Oprah did produce The Color Purple musical which debuted in 2005 and would go on to win multiple Tony Awards.

I know this movie is gonna be “LIT”!!!!

Quincy Jones, Scott Sanders will produce the upcoming Warner Bros. film alongside Oprah and Spielberg. But a far as talent goes, there are no details about casting, writers, or a director as of now.

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