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Our mission is to save lives.

Stand Up in Your Family:  Inventory members of your family.  If they are participating in “risky behavior”, talk to them, and get help.  Do not watch dangerous behavior and say nothing.  Stand Up.  If you see a child on Facebook with a gun.  Get help immediately.

Gun Violence De-Escalation Centers:  If your know of a conflict heading towards gun violence call the Gun Violence De-Escalation Center 24 Hour Hotline (314) 203-3900.

Stand Up in the Community

Make an effort to know your neighbors.  Start by waving and saying hello.  Start communicating.  It will grow.

Engage Strangers: Say “hello”, to strangers, and hold the door for each other.  Go out of you way to spread positive energy.  This will spread and grow.

Start a Block Unit: While it is warm. Contact your neighbors and the closest Church to your home and organize a meeting. Then, contact the Urban League at (314) 615-3618 for assistance.

Turn your porch light on at night. Encourage your neighbors to do the same.  Organize your block and call Better Family Life at (314) 381-8200 for free light bulbs delivered.

If You See Something, Say Something. If something does not look right in your neighborhood, talk to your neighbors and call the authorities.  If your family needs assistance, walk to the closest church to your home, and ask for help.

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