SMH….looks like Idris Eba has some serious “Side Chick” problems this week thanks to “Loose Lips” singer K Michelle!  Singer/songwriter and reality star recently sat down to do an in depth interview with Hollywood Unlocked CEO Jason Lee. In the interview K Michelle was spilling tea on her past relationships….and this girl holds NOTHING back! First she gives all the “tongue time tea” on Idris, sharing that she met Elba at the Soul Train Awards and later hit it off with the actor at an after party, K. Michelle shared with Hollywood Unlocked that she being with him “was like a movie.”

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“He told me he would never be committed to one woman and he said I would be ‘taken care of’ but ‘I would never be committed to one woman,'” she recalled. Of course, the notoriously outspoken singer went on to share details about Elba’s work in the bedroom, explaining, “[It’s not wack] — like, amazing head! I remember that head!”

Then in typical “Salty Side Chick” behavior  she trash talks Idris’s  fiancée, Sabrina Dhowre, had something she couldn’t provide as the actor chose to, ultimately, settle down with her.

“Now I’m like, ‘Damn, b***h [Sabrina], you had something I didn’t have!’ [but] that wasn’t supposed to be my man,” she said. “I learned the most from him. It wasn’t a volatile, angry relationship.”


The same can’t be said for Lesean McCoy, who allegedly, has a small penis, and c*** too quick…..Dammmmmmm! LOL! You remember Lesean was recently accused of having his ex-girlfriend beat up for not moving out of his house


That’s not it! K Michelle then reveals that she didn’t want to be with Chad “Ochocinco” because his penis was too big! K Michelle told Jason, ”I wanted my walls and I wanted to get a husband.” Alright now…we see you Chad! In my Nicki Minaj voice… “Hey Big Head.”LMAO!

Check out the full interview below parts one AND two: (WARNING: the following videos contain foul language)



K. Michelle also talks about her relationship with R Kelly in part two of her interview below:



I HATE when a man tells bedroom secrets and it’s just as bad if not worst when a woman does it. this just shows how petty and lame some females can be…….SMH.