Alaina Fruge

Source: Upscale Photography (Steve and Lakese Anderson) / self


People will tell you that you shouldn’t have to change to be with the love of your life.  That the man or woman fortunate enough to have you in their life will accept all of your idiosyncrasies with no problem.  Well, that sounds great and all but the fact is you will probably have to make some minor adjustments just for compromise sake in order to make that love thang work.  I’m not talking about changing the core of who you are BUT there are a few areas that it’s perfectly ok to improve upon if it means happily ever after.

If you know you are not the tidiest, it’s certainly ok to learn to pick up your sh*t.  If you know that you shop by going on Amazon and picking out a black shirt because that’s what goes with everything and you don’t care about fit…then it’s acceptable to learn to go shopping and be a better dresser for your significant other.

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Happy lovin’ everybody.  Cuffin season is coming!

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