All hail King James! This brother REALLY gives back to the black community! The NBA superstar created the school as an extension of the LeBron James Family Foundation to give kids opportunities to thrive despite difficult life situations in his hometown of Akron Ohio.  The name of the school is “The I Promise School”  which facilitates 240 at-risk students from the poorest neighborhoods in Akron. The goal of the school is to provide opportunities for kids who come from difficult backgrounds and life situations. The look on this little boys face says it all:

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Principal of the school Brandi Davis said to the Los Angeles Times  “I think the missing link in public education is that family wraparound support,” said Brandi Davis, the school’s principal. “Because our students come to school and they’re worried about things at home. … We want to create that safe, that secure and that caring and loving environment for our families and our students so that our kids can focus on education.


LeBron  is such a class act! Click on the link below to hear his thoughts on opening this school:


In November The LeBron James Family Foundation went to the Akon public school board with the idea of assisting in the creation of a school designed to help at-risk kids who are lagging behind in their studies and struggling at home.

The school will operate with a longer-than-normal school year, with a focus on accelerated learning to bring kids up to speed who otherwise might be lagging. In addition, there is a focus on combating factors outside of the classroom that could cause children to struggle.

Services are available to help students deal from stress related to parents who are struggling to make ends meet. In addition there are activities to prevent the kids from having too much idle time and potentially getting into trouble.

The school also provides services to families, which include job placement assistance for parents and an on-site food bank that will allow parents to pick out foods they can prepare at home…WOW! Now this is what you call being a true role model:

This is NOT the first time King James has helped the hood before. The LeBron James Family Foundation has been involved in helping Akron and its surrounding areas for years. In 2015 he launched a program that would pay for more thean 1,000 kids to attend college.

LeBron has also funded the “Wheels for Education” program, which started in 2011 and provides kids with school supplies, access to computers, and a bicycle inside a system designed to keep kids motivated to complete their homework and get good grades.

LeBron and his entire family including his gorgeous wife Savannah Brinson, his kids and mother were all on hand for the opening:


I can’t give this brother, LeBron James enough props for what he does and for his family unit. Everybody please pray over the “I Promise School” for safety and success and LeBron and his family. Wouldn’t it be GREAT if other black men athletes and entertainers stopped fighting each other on-line, wasting money on cars, jewelry and making it rain in strip clubs and instead opened schools like this in their hometowns? I just saying….