One McDonald’s customer trying to steal from the soda machine, got the brakes beat off her after she picked a fight with employees. Donkey whipped. Beat like a slave. Beat like a egg… get the point.

A video posted Wednesday night shows a young lady getting into a blowout with 2 staffers at an undisclosed McDonald’s, and it’s pretty bad. The customer tried to bring the smoke against a chick 5 times her size but that lasted about 3 seconds. One much taller staffer tossed the customer like a rag doll … literally. It’s hard to watch but here it is: (WARNING! The following clip contains foul language and violence) :

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BTW, the person who shot the video says this was all over the customer attempting to use a water cup to sneak soda from the fountain machine. I swear I would call a lawyer and sue the socks off that McDonalds!