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Somebody better get this crazy, miserable, thing named Roseanne. She is just straight gone.

The disgraced comedian shared a clip via YouTube in which she’s being interviewed and asked questions off camera.

Getting visibly more agitated, Roseanne bursts into a scream defending the racist tweet about Valerie Jarett that got her ABC sitcom canceled and shouts “I THOUGHT THE B*TCH WAS WHITE”!

(WARNING) The clip below contains foul language:



Yes she did THAT!!!! I have never wanted to reach through my computer screen and slap the taste out of someone’s mouth much as much as I do watching that…

According to TMZ, the clip is a ‘teaser’ for content Roseanne’s expected to roll out via YouTube.

This creature needs to STOP IT!  You remember her Racist Tweet comparing Obama’s Aide to a “monkey” says she was not racist because she didn’t know the lady was black. Playing “Naive”. So if she was Caucasian would it still be ok to call Valerie Jarrett a monkey? Whatever!!! But the internet already got jokes! (WARNING) The following clip contains foul language

She needs to go away and NEVER come back!

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