Here we go….again! Many people are convinced superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z may have Carter baby number 4 on the way.

The Beyhive got buzzing about another pregnancy when footage of Beyonce performing in Paris over the weekend hit the internet Tuesday….what do you think:

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Beyonce, aka “Sasha Fierce” performed in the French city of love in a skintight bodysuit with what appears to be a pretty nice size baby bump. Then to add more fuel to this already raging baby fire, Beyonce sent the rumors into overdrive when she recently wore a shirt with “Carter 4” emblazoned across it. Let’s check more fan “evidence” photos


No officially word from Beyonce or Jay-Z , you know Bey is the master of subliminal messages but at 36 years old  I really hope she is “with child”…. .WE LOVE A FERTILE QUEEN! LOL!